Glazer Philanthropies supports projects which encourage more inclusiveness and social equity in Israel. We support organizations using creative approaches to economic development and access to excellence in education focused on minority populations.

Some examples of the projects we have supported include:

Tovanot B’Hinuch focuses on excellence in public education in Israel by providing support to school principals to allow them to transform the educational and social educational centers that they manage. Glazer Philanthropies has directed its support towards two schools in the Israeli-Arab municipalities in Israel.

At the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, AJEEC-NISPED launched the expansion of Al Sanabel: the Hura Women’s Catering Enterprise, the joint social enterprise with the Bedouin township of Hura. This women’s catering business presently produces over 7,000 fresh and healthy hot lunches each day for schools in the region. Twenty-one Bedouin women, many of whom are single mothers, cook these meals creating a sustainable future for themselves and their children.

This social enterprise is the first of its kind in the Bedouin community. Being a not-for-profit social enterprise makes this catering company unique.

The project, with Glazer support, will soon expand to other areas of Israel.

Social Finance Israel (SFI) is a financial intermediary that aims to provide both social and financial returns to investors. SFI will issue social-financial products, such as Social Impact Bonds, in order to raise new capital for the most effective not-for-profit organizations in Israel, tackling the country’s most pressing social and economic issues, while delivering monetary returns to investors.

Diane and Guilford Glazer Philanthropies became a founding Board Member of SFI. Programs supported by Social Impact Bonds will target high unemployment rates among minority populations in the coming year.